Kamis, 06 Maret 2008

Call for entries Coney Island Film Festival

indiefilmpage.com and Coney Island USA present the 8th annual Coney Island
Film Festival September 26- 28, 2008 at Sideshows by the Seashore and The
Coney Island Museum in the historic Brooklyn neighborhood Coney Island, New

Regular Deadline April 25th, 2008 (postmarked) $25 entry fee.
Late deadline June 25th, 2008 (postmarked)
Extended late deadline July 3rd, 2008 (postmarked)

Enter early and save on the entry fee.

The Coney Island Film Festival is open to filmmakers working in ALL GENRES,


Rabu, 05 Maret 2008

Workshop Film Dokumenter untuk Bioskop

Documentary Cinema Workshop  2008
proposed by the Goethe-Institut Indonesien
Tutor: Sebastian Winkels
Project Manager: Lisabona Rahman

Workshop profile
The workshop addresses equally to film directors, as well as to writers cinematographers, sound recordists and editors who are dedicated to develop professional skills in the artistic documentary field. The focus of the workshop is to improve the approach of storytelling, narrative structure, perspective, visual language, rhythm and technical apects of Indonesian documentaries in order to find better access to the international festival market.
The goal of the workshop is to produce three full length documentaries for cinema to be screened on JIFFest 2008. The films will be shot in HDV or DVCPRO HD.   Participants should apply by presenting former documentary (or other) works, directors/writers should also include their intended project ideas (outline status).
If possible they should apply together with their team (cinematography/sound/editing).

Passive English language competence is required.

Up to twenty workshop participants (five film teams) can join. Each team develops one documentary project until treatment status. Three projects will then get selected and go into production.

The workshop is divided into five sections.
The timeframe of the workshop is from April until December 2008.

Workshop structure
1) Theoretical Part (April, 3 weeks)
Introduction of different documentary film genres. Screenings & discussions.
Introduction to film analysis.
Presentation and discussion of Indonesian documentaries (also: former works of participants). Comparison with international films of similar genre or topic.
Focus on storytelling, different use of stylistic means, shooting methods and technical aspects. Presentation of new project ideas (outlines)
Discussing, writing and presenting the new projects exposés.
Defining further research methods and goals.

Between workshop section 1 and 2:

Individual project research.

2) Writing of treatments (June, 3 weeks)
Presentation of research results. Accompanied research (trips). 
Story development. Additional screenings of film references and discussions.
Pre-visualize the project: defining the narrative approach of directing, cinematography, sound & editing, use of formats/stylistic means, technical aspects.
Writing the treatments.
Meeting the producers. Pitching and discussing the treatments with them (Specification of production needs. Set up Budget Plans & shooting schedules).
Selection of projects to be produced.
Practical exercises with professional shooting equipment (The selected teams
are shooting a sample scene).

Between workshop section 2 and 3:

Editing of sample scenes.
Pre-production of shooting phase.

3) Shooting phase (August, 3 weeks)
Presentation and discussion of sample scenes.
Preparation of shooting phase (together with the producer). 
Parallel shooting of documentaries starts. Maximum shooting period is five weeks.
Installation of editing facilities.

Between workshop section 3 & 4:
Shooting finishes until mid September.
Start the editing process: Digitizing, viewing, organizing and transcribing the material. Editing a first rough cut.

4) Editing phase 1 (October, 3 weeks)
Presentation and discussion of rough cuts.
Intensive editing process, evaluating and solving dramaturgy problems, defining narrative structures.

Between workshop section 4 & 5:
Editing continues.

5) Editing phase 2  & Presentation at JIFFest (November, December 4 weeks)
Finishing the final cuts.
Preliminary online status: sound editing, mix down, color matching.
Translation and subtitles.
Play out on HDV Tape or better format.
Prepare a presskit.
Premiere at JIFFest.

!!Definetely Maybe!!
6) Postproduction of sound and picture during Berlinale Talent Campus (February 2009)
Eventually transfer one or all three projects to Berlin and work with professional sound editors, mixing engineers and online editors to finish the films according to international quality standard. Showcase the works to an international audience and professional partners.

Dutch Film-makers Butuh Researcher/PA

There are two Dutch film-makers who plan to make a documentary about Indonesian Resistance against Japanese 1942-1945. There will be three sides of the story: Dutch, Japanese and Indonesian.
They would like to film about PETA Revolt in February 1945 against Japanese in Blitar.
So, these Dutch film-makers need a Researcher/Production Assistant who:
- speaks and writes excellent English
- understands their needs in film-making
- can find the historians and veterans about this subject
- can find the access for pictures and film footage about the revolt.

They will come to Indonesia end of May or beginning of June. They will be filming in Blitar for a few days.
Anybody who is interested in this position, please send CV to Ria Ernunsari in bhooly@hotmail.com not later than 15 March 2008.

Thank you,

Ria Ernunsari