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Watch and Download "Messenger" on Caachi

Download "Messenger" at Caachi

"Messenger" is a film by Gary Beeber and is available for download in DVD resolution for $1.99.

About the Film

Take a ride with Kamikaze, New York City's most legendary bike messenger and world class character. Be part of the action and learn the street wisdom he's gleaned about work, women and the meaning of life from his 25 years on NYC's streets.

The film, which was shot in various locations throughout New York City, shows Kami on his daily rounds making deliveries, and philosophizing about life as a messenger and other subjects. The interviews introduce his boss, his coach for his amateur baseball team, and those who earn their living working the streets of Manhattan.

The film shows the hardcore side of Kami, riding like a bat out of hell up 6th Avenue, as well as a kinder, more gentle Kamikaze at home. He puts Martha Stewart to shame as he gives us a private tour of what he likes best in his refrigerator, and we meet his dog Dukie. At the end of the film, Kami let's us all in on the meaning of life.

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